For someone who has drawn umpty-zillion faces, I am astonished at how poor I am at guessing people’s ages, especially (so it seems) kids’ ages… and, sadly, particularly our own kids’ ages. Some things are obvious, of course: I can tell baby teeth from toothlessness and adult teeth, and glasses v. no glasses, but I'm often abysmally stumped. At times I've been off on dating certain photos by years.

And yeah, I'm surprised. I do a little better when it comes to me and Mr Mo. But my “CK DATE” folder has a lot of files in it.

Another thing that has surprised me (and irritated me, truth to tell) is coming across programs that have the month and day (or day range) printed, but no year. (I'm talking about YOU, CMU drama department, and you, now-defunct New Group Theatre, and pretty much every damned airline we've ever flown on up until around 2008 or so.) I've been able to track down most of the drama stuff via (e.g.) CMU’s online archive of the Tartan student newspaper, reviews from the now-defunct Pittsburgh Press and not-defunct Pittsburgh Post-Gazette… but some date-tracking isn't going to yield many if any results. It may be that I will find some ticket stubs in the Great Bin of Ticket Stubs Yet to Scan, but… who knows. The best I can do is sort such stuff into broader categories and hope I haven't guessed wrong.

And good luck to that.