I've been AWOL (or certainly "absent") from the blogosphere for nearly a year now. How time flies, and not just when having fun. I've had a fair bit of fun since my last mofembot blog post, done a fair bit of traveling… while processing and processing and processing and processing all kinds of $h¡† related to my last blog entry. Processing was hard and not always helpful while in the midst of it, but now that I've come out the other side… well.

My way was littered with more tears and more bottles of Red Stag and other powerful beverages than I would have imagined possible. I understand very well the desire — maybe the need — to feel numb when processing stirs up thoughts and memories and feelings that are too painful or embarrassing or otherwise overwhelming. "Lean into the pain" is good advice (and yes, a big h/t to Tara Brach's "Radical Acceptance" for the thought), but doing so too early or for too long seems frankly counterproductive, especially when someone (and that would be me) tends to obsess and have a terrible time letting go of whatever has captured my attention or interest at any given time.

Anyway. It is a relief to feel "normal" (or perhaps more accurately, "normally weird") again. I expect I'll be writing more often, and writing about things that are not quite so much navel-gazing in nature. So yeah. Hi.

(Update, 26 Sept 2018: I've been far more sporadic in my writing than I'd anticipated when I wrote this. I hope to do better.)