Well, that's another blog post lost to the vagaries of gandi's time-out and lack of automatic saving, goddammitall to hell.

Synopsis: Sad about not having been able to play my own arrangement of Danny Boy all the way through. Worse yet, not being able to play more than a few bars of other compositions. There's a piano here at my Grenoble landlady's, but too painfully out of tune and not in "my" part of the house to want to play it.

Should sing. Am thinking about joining a chorus here. Not that anyone much cares if I sing or not (pity party paragraph).

Parable of the talents, and mine's one of the ones that has been buried.

A nice line about ADD/OCD humming of "theme and variations beyond belief" of whatever earworm has seized my brain at any given moment. Even this has largely ceased because the asthma inhaler I use to deal with a chronic cough has adversely affected my vocal cords.

And so on.