Or perhaps not, though you seem like you must have been a nice place to visit. Among the nuggets in the latest minor paper shuffling-recording-tossing expedition was an entrance ticket to walk The Flume gorge, part of Franconia Notch State Park in New Hampshire, which we apparently saw on October 13, 1996, beginning at approximately 3 in the afternoon.

Photos of the site look vaguely familiar, and I expect we took plenty of photos of our own, despite our still being so overwhelmingly hamstrung by the use of an analog film camera and all.

Franconia was also the site of the Old Man of the Mountain, a.k.a. The Great Stone Face… before its geological demise on May 3, 2003. I expect we have a couple of photos of it, too.

I do not recall if this was the same trip during which I went rock collecting, family reluctantly in tow — more digging amongst the papers may yet reveal tell-tale motel receipts or even an entrance ticket to the quarry in question (Ruggles Mine in NH, as it turns out).

Is my life better for having been reminded of having seen these places? Yes, infinitely, I'm sure.